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“The Quickest & Easiest Way to Start Contracting through a LTD Company"
(Earn Up to 90% Take Home Income and Leave the Paperwork to us)

What you can expect with Freestyle Contractor Accountants:

Earn up to 90% Take Home Pay

No Admin (it's all done for you!)

Everything You Need is Included

Fast Limited Company Setup

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Freestyle Contractor Accountants - Umbrella Vs. Ltd - Which Trading Structure is Right For You?
  • Going Limited? Discover how with our Quick Start Guide

    Need to start a Limited Company for Contracting? Find out how with our Contractor Limited Company Quick Start Guide. Our guide answers all of the important questions including;

    • Why a Ltd Company is the best solution for you
    • What is IR35 and how it affects you
    • What you need to consider before setting up a Ltd Company
    • How you go about getting your Company set up.
    Read Our Guide

  • Umbrella or Limited? Choose the right trading structure for your business

    Freestyle Contractor Accountants - Choose the right trading structure for your business

    Looking to start Contracting but unsure of which trading structure will be best for you? Then look no further as all of your questions will be answered here in our Freestyle Contractor Accountants ‘all you need to know’ Umbrella vs Limited Company comparison. We cover all of the important points including the differences in trading structure, what your potential earnings/savings could be, what administration and paperwork will need completing and which Contracting situation suits each trading structure the best. All of this will give you the information that you need to make the right decisions as to whether you opt for a Ltd or Umbrella Company trading structure.

    Read More

  • Making Contracting as Easy as 1, 2, 3

    Our unique online portal has been specifically created for Contractors. Easy to use, it enables you to create client invoices, submit your expenses and will even tell you how much you can pay yourself. Take our portal for a ‘test drive’ today to see how easy it is to Contract through your own Limited Company!

    Try the portal


Free Contracting Guides - Freestyle Contractor Accountants

Guide to Limited Company Contracting

Guide to Becoming a Contractor

Guide to IR35 Legislation

Guide to Contractor Expenses

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Freestyle Contractor Accountants

Freestyle Accounting provides accountancy and tax planning services to Contractors, Freelancers and Consultants throughout the UK. As specialist contractor accountants we have unrivalled experience of the freelancing and contracting industries. This experience, together with our cutting edge IT systems, enables us to provide contractors with high quality, competitively priced accountancy solutions.

Our ‘everything done for you’ limited company service, Freestyle Contractor, is an all-inclusive contractor accountancy service managed through your own website portal. The portal really takes those administrative ‘headaches’ away, enabling you do everything from creating invoices and entering expenses, right up to checking on your company’s live financial position.

With our Ltd Company service, not only will we take care of all of your paperwork but you can also expect to keep up to 90% of your contracting income. Additionally, if you join us but are not happy with our service within the first month, we guarantee to refund you your fee*.

To find out more about our Contractor Accountancy service and to see how much you could earn by going limited click here

*See here for more information on our guarantee