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You're probably fed up with paying too much tax through your Umbrella Company or maybe you're just starting out as a contractor and want to be as tax-efficient as possible? Whatever the reason, you'd like to know more about how to setup a Limited Company and what’s involved in contracting through one.

What if you could get these questions answered in the next few minutes?

You’d probably feel much more confident about taking the leap and getting your company setup, right? Well that's exactly what we've done for you...

Our 'How to setup a Limited Company for Contracting' series covers everything you need to know about going Limited, including:

  • The "Top 10" things you need to know before going Limited (2 page guide)
  • How to get your Limited Company setup (checklist)
  • What is IR35 and are you affected by it?
  • Umbrella vs. Limited Company - how to keep more of YOUR money

Plus, you'll also get specific advice on...

  • What expenses you can legitimately claim through your company
  • How VAT registration can increase your contract income

In a few minutes you will have a much clearer picture of what you need to do and what’s involved in setting up your own Limited Company.

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How to Setup a Limited Company for Contracting

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How to Setup a Limited Company for Contracting - Freestyle Accounting

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