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How Much Can You Earn as a Contractor in the Digital Marketplace?

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Digital is one of the fastest growing industry sectors in the UK at the moment and this growth means more and more roles are becoming available for contracting staff. So, how much can you actually earn as a Contractor in the digital marketplace?

The table below shows the average daily rates for different digital job types for Junior, Mid- Level and Senior roles.

Average daily contract rates by job type

Job Type Junior Day Rate Mid Level Day Rate Senior Day Rate
Digital Marketing £151 £293 £454
Analytics £139 £301 £392
Social £115 £285 £500
Content £140 £286 £550
Search £142 £330 £500
eCRM x £275 £490
eCommerce £142 £350 x
Product Management x £420 x
Project Management £137 £248 x

* Source – x = No Data Available

Overall then, the average contracting day rates in the digital sector are £138 for junior roles, £309 for mid-level and £481 for senior. To compare these figures against salaries in permanent digital roles, the table below shows the current average salaries and subsequent day rates of permanent staff;

Average salaries and day rates for permanent Digital positions

Role Level Average Salary Average Daily Rate
Junior £24,761 £95
Mid-Level £37,915 £146
Senior £61,565 £236

* Source –

As you can see, the contracting daily rates compare rather favourably with those of permanent employees, earning on average 45% more for Junior roles, 112% for Mid-Level roles and 103% for Senior contracting roles.

So, there you have it, working as a contractor in the UK’s thriving digital sector can be significantly more lucrative than working as a permanent employee. Take a look here to see how you can maximise your contracting income by operating through a limited company.

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