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Interview Skills & Conduct

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6 Top Tips for Interview Success as a ContractorSo you’ve done your company research and prepared and practiced your responses to questions for your forthcoming interview, now it would be advisable to take some time to consider ways of ensuring that your conduct on the day of the interview creates the best possible impression.  The information below provides lots of useful pointers of what to do and what to avoid, together with some handy nerve calming tips!

Look the part

Although for many contracts the way that you look will not affect your ability to do the job, in an interview situation the chances are that you’re being judged before you have even said a word.  Ensure that your clothes fit you well, that your shoes have been polished and any accessories that you choose to wear are subtle. 

Stay calm

Your ability to stay calm for an interview will be influenced hugely by the amount of preparation you do.  Do your research on the company and prepare your questions, but also make sure that you plan your route, allow extra time for delays, get your clothes and anything else that you need to take with you ready the night before and then get a good night’s sleep!

Tips to calm your nerves

On the day of the interview try putting things into perspective.  Try reminding yourself that the interviewers are just normal people and may be nervous too, and that the worst thing that can happen is you not getting the job.

Make notes that you can take into the interview with you with cues that remind you of examples that you particularly want to draw upon.

Exercise before your interview to burn off negative energy and boost your sense of well-being.

Take a toilet break before the interview – you do not need the distraction of needing to go once the interview gets started.

Think positively and imagine yourself being calm and in complete control during the interview.

Pause before answering difficult questions to give yourself some thinking time.

Take deep breaths and avoid speaking too quickly.

Body language

However you may be feeling inside, do your best to display positive body language – speak clearly, smile frequently and maintain eye contact.  Give a firm hand shake to your interviewer both before and after the interview and try to sit naturally, avoiding slouching or leaning on the desk.

Await instruction

Once you have greeted your interviewer with a clear “Hello, nice to meet you” and a firm handshake, wait to be asked to take a seat before sitting down.

Be clear & concise

If your responses to possible questions have been well rehearsed then you are more likely to speak at the right tempo but nerves can cause us to speak more quickly or ramble so make a concerted effort to speak slowly and be concise.

Avoid negativity

Avoid talking about any personal problems or speaking badly of previous employers. Be enthusiastic & let your personality shine!

We hope that this series of articles has been useful and helps to win the perfect contract for you.

Good Luck!

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