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We’re Regulated so You’re Protected.

Why Cater Allen?

A banking experience that’s difficult to match

Freestyle has chosen to offer our contractors a Cater Allen (a fully owned subsidiary of the Santander Group) business bank account, as part of the Freestyle Contractor service. Their traditional values of courtesy, convenience and personal service are in line with the values of Freestyle Accounting.

Who are Cater Allen?

Cater Allen is a private banking subsidiary of the Santander group, providing high quality, effective internet and telephone banking, with an emphasis on the quality and simplicity of products, combined with easy access.

Cater Allen take pride in traditional service values and the highly professional and friendly banking service they provide to discerning individuals and businesses.

Business Banking

You don’t need to have a multi-million pound turnover to open a Business Reserve Account with Cater Allen but you will be able to enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Tiered interest rates which reward higher balances
  • A contactless Visa Debit Cards available in the currency of your account – pounds, euros or US dollars
  • 30 free* debit banking transactions per calendar month without incurring a transaction fee
  • Full chequebook, standing order and Direct Debit facilities on accounts denominated in pounds
  • US dollar and euro currency accounts available
  • Open an account in three to five days, with no appointment needed
  • Outstanding personal service – a multi-skilled Client Team based here in the UK to personally handle your calls 7 days a week
  • The account can be managed online, by phone or by post

* Day-to-day debit transactions on this account are: Visa Debit Card transactions, including recurring transactions; cheque withdrawals; cash machine withdrawals; Standing Orders; Direct Debits; bill payments and electronic payments. After 30 day-to-day transactions a charge of £0.75 per transaction is applicable. For details of other transactions which incur charges, for example CHAPS, please refer to their Banking Tariff.

Types of Accounts

Business Reserve Account

Earn attractive rates of interest with flexible access to your funds.
This is an instant access account, available in pounds, euros and US dollars. The account allows 30 debit transactions* a month for which you are not charged.
There is a Visa Debit Card available for all currencies, subject to status.

Asset 30 Account
A savings account where you can access your money with no penalty, as long as you give us 30 days’ notice.
This is a 30 day notice account for Businesses. The account is available in pounds only.
Make an unlimited number of withdrawals without penalty, providing 30 days’ notice can be given before each withdrawal. . You can make one withdrawal of up to £2,500 without notice each calendar year, as long as the account balance remains at £5,000 or more; subsequent no-notice withdrawals will incur a charge equivalent to 30 days’ interest on the sum withdrawn.

Term Deposit Account
A fixed term account that offers a guaranteed interest rate for the duration of your deposit, from 3 months to 3 years.
The minimum deposit is £50,000 and interest is paid upon maturity of the Term Deposit.
(NB you cannot break a Term deposit once you have entered into it).

Identification requirements:
For identification requirements, please see the latest application form for Business Accounts, which is available on the Cater Allen website.

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