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We’re Regulated so You’re Protected.

Maximise Your IT Contracts Income With a Limited Company and Leave The Paperwork To Us

You've probably already realised that the most tax efficient way of contracting is through a Limited Company...but you've also realised there's a lot of time-consuming administration required to set up and manage a Limited Company. Are you thinking...

“ I just want everything done for me so I can focus on my IT contract without having to worry about what paperwork needs to done! "

Well, you're in luck! In 2006, we created the Freestyle “everything done for you” limited company accountancy service. Our goal is to make contracting through a limited company as stress-free and easy as possible, so we developed a unique accountancy service that takes care of everything for you...

Why should you choose us?

  • Everything is done for you – there’s no admin or paperwork to worry about
  • Everything you need is included - there’s no add-on charges or surprises
  • You’ll be Safe & Compliant” - we ensure you remain on the right side of the tax man
  • You can retain more of your contract income tax efficiently from your IT contract

Is this Service for you?

You want to concentrate on your IT contracting role, without having to deal with the time-consuming paperwork

You want to ensure you are maximising your contract income by being “tax efficient”

You want everything you need included for a fixed monthly fee (no surprises or add-on fees)

You want ongoing guidance / support from specialist, qualified contractor accountants throughout your career

How does the “everything done for you” service work?

STAGE 1 - We'll review your current tax situation at the start

We’ll get your limited company set up or transferred from your existing accountant quickly, without you having to do anything.

  • We’ll address any initial concerns you have about your current tax situation and ensure you are set up to be as “tax efficient” as possible
  • We’ll review your existing contract for IR35
  • We’ll register your company for the flat rate VAT scheme, if required
  • We’ll help you organise your professional indemnity insurance

STAGE 2 - We then take care of all your ongoing accountancy, tax and admin responsibilities

We’ll take care of everything you’re required to do for your limited company:

  • We’ll prepare your monthly payroll
  • We’ll advise on your “tax efficient” dividends (how much to pay yourself)
  • We’ll provide a live financial position of your company so you can see exactly how well the business is doing at any time
  • We’ll prepare your quarterly VAT returns
  • We’ll prepare your annual accounts & corporation tax return
  • We’ll prepare your personal tax return (& your spouse’s tax return)
  • We’ll take care of any paperwork from HMRC or Companies House
  • We’ll provide unlimited tax advice and support throughout your career ...and much more!

You can see a complete list of everything that is included on our 'What’s Included?' page.

How Much Could You Earn By Going Limited? Find Out Now…

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    Our Clients love the “Convenience” and “Time-saving” benefits of our service:

    I would recommend Freestyle to any professional who is looking to setup their own Limited Company, they walked me through the whole process of setting up my company. They offer an all-in-one service with no stone left unturned, which allows me to concentrate on my actual work. In my eyes this is priceless.

    (Rick Prestifilippo, Presti Associates Limited)

    I think the Freestyle accountancy service is excellent and takes a lot of the paperwork and worries away from me as a contractor. The staff are kind and intelligent and put a lot of effort and hard work into helping their clients and making running a Ltd company easier.

    (A. Williamson, Contractor, London)

    The people at Freestyle were a great help...overseeing my affairs and ensuring that I did not fall foul of the numerous pitfalls that ensnare the unwary contractor. Friendly and knowledgeable, nothing is too much trouble for these people.

    For me, the Freestyle service removes any nagging doubts that I may be “overlooking something” or missing out on the “best possible deal.”

    (Nick McEwen, Norwood IT Limited)

    I spend 5 minutes each Friday evening completing my invoicing and entering my expenses on the online portal. A further 5 minutes at the end of the month allows me to draw my salary, expenses and issue dividends. It’s simple!

    (Robin Whalley, RNW Project Services Ltd)

    Read more comments from our clients in the testimonials area.

    Join today Risk Free with our 30 Day Service Satisfaction Guarantee Your Decision is "Risk Free” With our 30 Day Service Guarantee...

    If you’re looking for an accountancy firm that’s confident in the service it provides, then Freestyle is for you. We back up our service with the following unique guarantees (including our 30 day service guarantee) to ensure our customers remain 100% satisfied.

    1. Our "Risk Free" Guarantee

    If you join Freestyle Contractor Accountants and you’re not completely satisfied with our "everything done for you" service within the first 30 days, then let us know and we will refund your fee*.

    * You must provide the reason for your dissatisfaction in writing and within the first 30 days, explaining how we have failed to provide the level of service promised. If your Limited Company has already been formed we ask that you cover the fee of £125 + VAT for registering with Companies House and any IR35 reviews you have requested.

    2. Our "Service" Guarantee

    We’re chartered certified accountants (regulated by the ACCA) and accredited by the Independent Professionals and the Self Employed (IPSE) Association so you can rest assured that we’ll keep you safe and out of trouble.

    However, if you do ever receive a penalty from HMRC or Companies House, and it’s our fault, we’ll pay it; that’s how confident we are in our service!

    3. Our "Safety Net" Guarantee

    If you get into financial difficulty we’ll warn you straight away, so you don’t get to the end of the financial year and you’re unable to pay your tax. We advise you how much you need to hold back for all tax liabilities.

    Don’t be one of those contractors trying to remortgage their home to pay their tax!


    • Having all your questions answered about going Limited
    • Being able to focus on your contracting role, without having to worry about what paperwork needs to be done
    • Spending just 5 minutes per week updating your own online portal and then leaving everything else to us
    • Having your limited company set up and ready for contracting within hours

    Get Started Now. Simply Fill Out the form Opposite to get:

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    Details of our "everything done for you" limited company accountancy service

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    Plus, on your FREE 30-minute phone consultation you'll find out:

    Whether going limited is the right option for you?

    How to set up a limited company and start contracting through it?

    What IR35 is and whether it affects you?

    How to pay yourself through a limited company?

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    How Much Could You Earn By Going Limited? Find Out Now…

    Enter your details below for a personalised income illustration.

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