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We’re Regulated so You’re Protected.
Task   Completed?
1 Decide on a name for your Limited Company.
It’s worthwhile having two options in case your first choice is not available.

2 Check to see if your chosen company name is available.
We will perform a free online check for you and will contact you to let you know if your chosen name is available.

3 Form your Limited company through an online formation agent or an accountant.
Many accountants (including ourselves) will provide this free of charge as part of their service. It typically takes us 2-3 hours to form a Limited Company.

4 Apply for a Business bank account.
You can setup a business bank account directly or you can take advantage of our relationship with Cater Allen private bank to get Free business banking for life.

5 Register all directors of the company for self-assessment tax.
As a company director you are required by law to file an annual personal tax return.

6 Register employees of the business for Pay As You Earn (PAYE), if applicable.
Employees of the business need to be registered for PAYE to pay income tax.

7 Register company for VAT, if applicable.
This can be very beneficial if you take advantage of the specialist VAT scheme.

8 Complete form CT41G which notifies HMRC of a new limited company.

9 Setup bookkeeping routine to invoice clients regularly and log business expenses.

10 Create an invoice template.
Your invoices will need to contain some important information so it’s best to setup a template that includes your company registration number, address, VAT number (if applicable), unique invoice number.

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